Newbie Tips for first-time CASINO TRAVEL

casino - streettrotter

Going to a casino for the first time can certainly be an overwhelming experience. Big crowds, too many flashy tables, dealers, experienced players, tense faces, winning grins and loosing groans, can all together make you feel very nervous if you have never been to a casino before. And if that’s the case with you too – don’t worry as we got you covered!

So if you just turned 21 and big enough to play, or you just realized that it’s never too late to plan your first casino travel visit – here comes a check-list of all the things you need to know and do to make your first experience smooth and relaxing…

  1. Google the casino you are planning to visit first.It’s always better to be familiar with the kind/size of casino you are visiting and having a fair idea if it is first-time friendly.
  2. Read up on basic casino etiquettes.
  3. Familiarize yourself with all sorts of casino games by researching on the Internet first. If you are really serious about this trip and really want to play to win, try practicing in a no deposit online casino first.
  4. Dress you part.While major casinos will have a dress code specified on their website, it is still always a good idea to dress well for your visit wearing semi-formals/smart casuals. Remember if you look good, you will feel good and you will enjoy more. Feeling under dressed will only leave you uncomfortable in a chic-looking crowd.
  5. As a newbie avoid visiting at peak hours.When the crowd is more and more experienced players are occupying the tables, the game is bound to become less first-time friendly.
  6. If you are still feeling a bit nervous, go for a relaxing experience instead and stick to video poker, slots, and roulette.
  7. Watch and learn. It’s wise to hang around and watch other people play for a couple of minutes before you start. This will give you a better understanding of the expected table etiquette and the game itself.
  8. While playing games like blackjack (21) against a dealer, remember you are playing as a team with other players on the table. Be friendly and keep an eye on what other players are doing and avoid doing your own thing.
  9. Before sitting down on a table, look for the sign declaring betting limits. As a first timer you would not want to sit down on a table with a $100 minimum limit.
  10. Enjoy your first experience. Play with less pressure, don’t sit on a single table for too long and move around from one game/table to another. You might loose on one, and win on another! Find a table you are comfortable on, and which has more newbies like you.
  11. Always tip the dealer. Even though it is not mandatory, it is key to tip in a casino. A generous tip of 10% or more relaxes the dealer and thus the game, considerably.
  12. Fix a budget. If you start to win, still do not push your luck and stop at your decided budget.