Pondering over the thought of ‘TRAVELLING HOMES’, a growing phenomenon across the globe – I can’t fail to notice how ‘travel’ has become a part of everything today. While more and more people are craving to see the world, collecting memories of our experiences has also become a vital part of our journeys, which include carrying journals, travel diaries, and weaving together ‘all that we gather’ in our personal spaces.

Living through this change in November 2011, while I was happily shopping in London, I crossed the ANTHROPOLOGIE store, which seemed nothing less than a nomadic fairly tale to me. Entering into a different world almost like a movie set, the store looked like a literal museum of global culture built by someone who has wandered around the world.



Satisfying my curiosity to know better and deeper, the brand was celebrating the work of Australian author and interior designer ‘Sibella Court’, based on her latest release of a book known as ‘NOMAD’, a journal of her travels in search of unique and eclectic inspiration.



Surfing through Sibella Court’s interview, only to agree with my thought, I found her quoting, “Nomad is all about bringing your travels home without theming your space. I wanted to show people that they can draw inspiration from every tiny detail of their trip: street signs, people, color  light, words. Once home, your experiences can be translated into the home in unique and beautiful ways that trigger those special memories. Whether it’s a rug in the color of the spices at a Syrian market or a gin & tonic on your blue & white striped deck chair looking over the backyard (but pretending it’s the Amalfi Coast). It is all about bringing a moment into your home so that when you pass through your space, you stop and smile and remember your adventures”.


While gazing through how beautifully every single piece of the store was weaved together, I knew I could spend hours lost in that world, looking at the vintage chests put as shelves onto the walls or the polar bear carrying the luggage in a primitive style. And as much as I wish that the store looked like that forever, I did manage to capture this fairy tale in my camera and I hope that these visuals equally engaged each one you reading this post to be ‘travel inspired’…!