IF NOT TO MESMERIZE YOU, IT CAN STILL SHOCK AND AMUSE YOU! – Still fascinating for many, an alternate paradise for the ones who are familiar with the London city inside-out, CAMDEN TOWN, is all about living the dark subcultures we once read in our history books – live! Be it gothic, emo, punk or hippie, the youthful market is never short of people who not only visit the place for its unique underground feel, but also drop in simply to while away their time looking at the strange trippy world around them…



Distinctly different from the romantic London we know of, Camden has been a house to Amy Winehouse and Charles Dickens and gives shelter to one of the most creative individuals in UK, who not only showcase their art through the endless number of shops standing permanently next to each other like a daily flee market, but also use this place to express a sense of retaliation against all stuff ‘commercial’, finding pride in their own ideologies, talents and inimitable sense of fashion and lifestyle…


Remember the gothic eyes, the leather and net all black dresses, the nylon and printed stockings, the studs and the piercings, the mohauk hairdo’s and the black boots? Its all comes to a walking talking reality in Camden…


Fascinated with almost everything that this place has to offer, while I was a student, I could never spend a better weekend than in Camden, especially for the junk food that came in all varieties be it Mexican, Japanese, Lebanese or Chinese, made in the most delicious looking live food stalls with the most authentic tastes of each cuisine.



Not to miss are the pastel colored cupcakes that look almost vintage in style and make, and sometimes even the chocolate covered waffles, that add up to the foody instincts of the visiting shoppers!


Contrastingly different from all things normal – Shopping freak or No shopping freak, no matter whichever category you fall in, one can find the craziest and the most innovative things in Camden, coming right out of the passionate mind of the designers. Be it numerous variety of vintage posters on coffee, planes, golf and whiskey, or canvas paintings with graphic portraits of iconic retro stars, music tapes and records that date back to the long gone era’s, all sorts of costumes, stockings, junk jewelry and masks…one trip to this place can never be good enough for an wild exploring soul…




Transformed from what was once a listed Horse Hospital, formerly used to care for horses injured pulling canal barges, is today the home to 700 shops and stalls, each made out from one stable – proudly known as the “Stable Market” of Camden…



Young artists who have something to say use art as a medium to put their unique point forward in the most creative use of colours ever…


Musicians come drooling over the graffiti and the classic guitars, and everything that goes with their rock look, as no one and get you something better and unique than these shops in the stables…






Both accessories and clothes are no where close to what you think you can pick up from your favorite shops, as artists make their own designs which are nothing less than pieces of art on funky tops, bags and t-shirts…



Not to miss is the endless variety of bongs that are colorfully assembled on these trippy shelves…


Sometimes places don’t have to be fancy, and shopping should not be branded, all that makes a difference is a unique point of view put across with full creativity and conviction. Maybe this was the very motto of the Punk culture that still for me walks alive on the streets of Camden Town. And if not to mesmerize you, it can least shock and amuse you…!!