No matter what, you are a foreigner; you are a tourist; so embrace it. You’ll feel freer, and less pressure means that you won’t be overwhelmed by all the things you think you’re saying wrong. No matter how you sound, everybody is impressed with the tourist who at least attempts to speak the language. Plus, if people know you’re a tourist, they’ll want to know where you’re from – a great conversation starter.

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Dear 12th class pass outs, You all have crossed a major landmark of your future career. With good board results or bad, no matter that you scored, trust me you will end up doing something in your life, either exemplary or ordinary. Nonetheless you will be happy, with a good life and complimentary needs. Your 12th mark sheet will rest in your folder as one of the much needed document for official paperwork, only. Your marks won’t matter, but yes a lot of other things will soon do….

As much as I loved to travel, I needed a good career, a good salary and a good stable lifestyle equally. I like the idea of being a good professional, with a kickass package, but that means it also requires a fair amount of billable work hours and uncompromised commitment. I cant be on the road anymore and live like a nomad, because no matter who tells you what, its not feasible in the long run. Travel cannot provide you a living. And lets accept it, I can not always be frugal about my travel choices. I need to earn to support the life of my dreams. And this is when the confusion started and the irritation seeped in. I didn’t know if I was failing at my passion, or was I just doing it wrong? Or was everyone around me overdoing it. And overrating it.

Last night when I went to sleep after a long day of work – I slept being a travel blogger. But this morning when I woke up yearning for the mountains all over again, the only thing I didn’t want to do for a while was to blog. This sudden flip of who I want to be has been itching my head all day long, making me feel restless about myself… “Do I really want to be a Travel Blogger?”, is all I am asking my heart, again and again…