On the occasion of World Photography Day 2015, I wondered how to compile something out of the blue on StreetTrotter – and as it happens this post came at the right time. So, let me start this article with a confession – ‘When travel photographers and bloggers work behind the camera, they often don’t work straight’. They experiment with twisted shots and contemporary techniques – all in a spirit to capture a place like never before. Their cameras, be it a treasured i-phone or a hi-tech SLR, all function as their literal eyes that capture certain moments in time forever for them.

My father always read to me when I was a kid. Naturally, I grew up believing deeply in dreamy ‘Once Upon a time’ and ‘Panchtantra’ tales, so much so, that even when I close my eyes, the illustrations of RK Laxman and Malgudi days become a real life scene for me. But living in Delhi for almost 26 years of my life never gave me the chance to come face to face with my storybook side of life, until I visited Chhattisgarh, India, a few days ago.

Oh Yes! The Travel Wizards Club by StreetTrotter is a reality now. We are a team of absolutely fantastic – old and new Travel Bloggers from India, who have come together on a common platform to change the way we network, travel and blog in our country. We are a community of passionate travelers who all dreamed of a common dream – becoming best friends with like-minded travelers and share the world ‘as we see it’ with others, through our growing blogs and our soulful writings.

Imagine secret societies – Imagine TWC in Delhi! A closed group of like-minded people, who eat, pray and love Travel. We call these people Travel Wizards because they make magic with their words on their blogs, presenting this enchanted world with their unique experiences to others – trip by trip. Cutting all jazz, it can be your own travel society that will live with you for the rest of your life…